JGID Day 19

Dear me,

Well, I didn’t walk – it seems like the flu symptoms which so kindly took a back seat while I was in prep/procedure mode, decided to come roaring back today 😦  Sinus pressure, runny nose and even a tiny bit of a scratchy throat to go with the cough. Sweet! So, since it was mighty cold after we were done with our group call tonight I decided not to chance it.

Sure was great to get back to work though! I missed seeing other people! And using my brain effectively!

Guess what? Pinged the lender this morning since I had not heard anything since just before I got sick. I knew the silence meant he didn’t have any success with my first choice options, but I do crack up that he doesn’t just come out and tell me! Of course, there is another option which just means breaking up the process into two steps which he confirmed this morning is probably the only way to get it done so I told him to GET IT DONE!

Oddly, when I now mentally ponder the mortgages still being split, I have a good gut feeling feedback on it.

I’m viewing that second mortgage now almost like consumer debt – even though it is secured against the house, it really IS basically the payoff of c/c balances back from 2007. It’s just in a different, tax deductible interest form. But after reading Dave Ramsey and having this path/plan in my mind that leads me towards paying off the retirement loan I took out to pay college tuition and then also this 2nd, I can envision a way to get that done. And in that case keeping it separated from the 1st makes the most sense. I *would* still try to refinance IT separately after we have an appraisal just to lower the interest on it because then I could pay it off faster.

As is always said – ask for what you think you need, and accept that what comes your way may not be exactly what YOU assume is the best solution.

So – my refinance (#1) IS happening this month!

Nick WILL get a job this month.

My parents will start getting $500/mo more in March.

I am grateful that there is movement on those financial goals.

I am grateful for Nick having insurance! He got a darn staph infection in a bug bite wound on his leg and was able to go to the ER and get it drained and get some antibiotics without having to worry about paying – all covered! Thank you ACA!

I am grateful for listening to my heart and keeping it open and connected to friends near and far, new and old.

I value everyone equally.

I am grateful for the ability to change habits – I notice that I am reading people’s posts with much more compassion and kindness and much LESS envy/jealousy/contempt. And when I do feel annoyed? It is MUCH easier now to just hit “delete” if it’s an email or the scroll button if it is on a timeline.

My family and I are surrounded by love. We are safe.


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