JGID Day 17

Dear me,

No, really. Dear me! Everyone who said that prep is worse than procedure was not lying eh? Sure aint fun!

I am just trying to focus on how amazing it will be to eat again when it is all over tomorrow!

I am grateful, again, that the flu had already reduced the amount of solid food I was eating. My reduced appetite has made this all liquid day go quite a bit easier than I anticipated.

I am also grateful that for me at any rate, everything has responded quite nicely to the prescribed medicine. There was no delay at all to the cleansing process (I had heard from one person who waited quite a bit of time after drinking the liquid before anything happened.) I wasn’t even totally done drinking everything before we had lift off 🙂


I had a few more moments of clarity as I posed the question of how I should re-adjust my pillars and my long term focus. I’m coming up with some specifically measurable steps that can be documented.

And? In a really strange moment, it suddenly hit me that I don’t “immediately” need a practice floor for dancing. I just need to clean off the garage floor because it has a smooth surface AND those mirrored closet doors hanging on the wall pretty much *creating* a dance studio out there! So I only need to get the under $30 tap shoes and I can still pull off a fun video for the group by the end of the month.


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