JGID Day 16

Dear me,

Today begins the transition from flu recovery to procedure prep. So basically I’m still being very mindful of my body and how it is healing and how to most comfortably get through the next 36 hours. Today’s modified diet was pretty easy to follow. Tomorrow will be a wee bit more of a challenge since it is clear liquid only and then I have to start drinking the gunk at 6pm.

It was a pleasure today to be able to do a few things. I know that on Thursday when I am back at work and a regular schedule I will come up with modified pillars for the rest of the month. I really need to incorporate sitting in the yard doing *nothing* into my days. During today’s sitting time, I really settled on that fact and also on needing to rethink everything about the secondary business. At first I was thinking that a handful of regular bookkeeping clients was where I should focus, but I realize now that if try to hustle out those types of clients that the commitment of my time would be substantial. Not only would backyard sitting be in jeopardy, but so would regular fitness and proper food preparation and dancing. Forget spending time with friends and Marcus and family.

Tax clients are a better focus.

Mostly I need to keep taking the steps to live within the means that I currently have which I know in my heart (and on paper) is completely possible.

My gratitude today is for the energy to leave the house 🙂

For a visit from Marcus so we could catch up after I ordered him to stay away once I fell ill (oh, and for these comfy cashmere slippers he brought me).

For someone recently posting on facebook about procedure prep giving me hints on what to have on hand for tomorrow. I love it when people share their experiences – even the icky ones because that’s how we all learn to make our own experiences a little easier!


One comment

  1. Robin · February 17, 2015

    I’ll have to check out those hints. Someone near and dear to me is due for another procedure and I’m only 4 years away from my next round. Hope the prep isn’t too hard on your system.

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