JGID Day 15

Dear me,

I believe the corner has been turned on this flu! Huzzah!!

Today I am grateful for being able to breathe out of both nostrils.

I am grateful for sneezing ONLY a dozen or so times.

I am grateful for NO fever at all.

I am grateful for spending a weekend reading all of my friend’s status updates and seeing their photos on Facebook of their fabulous Valentines/President’s Day weekends traveling various places or just being with family and friends and for ME not feeling one ounce of envy or jealousy! I was able to like and comment with true love and appreciation for the happiness they were experiencing. And it felt GOOD.

I am grateful for many TV stations that kept me entertained when even reading simple status updates on twitter and facebook became too much for my feverish brain.

I am grateful for JGID and this journal which at least kept me mindful during these resting days to take note of these simple pleasures each day.


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