JGID Day 14

Dear me,

Day 4 of the flu and I think I am quite done with sitting around listening to birds. Really. And you know me, so you know, that’s bad!

Also, I believe that 15 sneezes in 5 minutes was a personal record and also quite painful.

But let’s go over the things that made us grateful today shall we?

So today I lived up to the promise of keeping my heart and mind open and speaking with loving words. In a strange twist of timing, Alex’s dad was here to do some work with Nick – here – in my driveway – All. Day. Long.

Alex was greatly amused by this when I texted him about it. So was Marcus. Frankly, I was laughing too that, of all days – Valentines Day – this was happening AND since I am sick, I couldn’t escape! On the other hand, there was the opportunity I needed to talk about the family money issues with the last member who needed to be looped in. I think I handled it pretty smoothly and he is now on notice that the college tuition burden may need to shift to him since I need to shift money up stream to the older generation. It may not come to that, but now I know that if it does, everyone is prepared.

And hey, in the end since I am starting to get bored it was mildly entertaining to go out there every once in a while and shoot the shit with both of them (from a distance of course as I keep myself away from anyone while I battle this flu from hell)

It was also super nice at the end of the day to have a long conversation with Nick about the whole scene and how funny it all was. He’s being very sweet and concerned about how I feel.

At this moment I am quite grateful that he is still living here with me because I can lean on him and clearly I need to do that right now.

I am grateful that I have a good relationship with my ex.

I am grateful that my boyfriend supports that and is in no way threatened by it.

I am super grateful for facebook and smart phones that let me keep talking to friends and my college son on days when I otherwise need to be isolated from other humans.

And even though I am whining a little now about boredom – I really am grateful for this week of complete rest.


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