JGID Day 13

Dear me,

This flu can be gone now, right? Because the fever that comes and goes and then comes back again has sapped me of any energy to do any soul talking. I’m just so tired.

Moments of gratitude – for co workers who can cover for me when I am out and a workplace that puts no pressure on me to be there when I am not well. For remembering to reach out to Nick on what I knew was a rough day today and for his grateful response. For Marcus checking in. For Alex calling to tell me about a rugby game and cracking me up in minutes. For taking another respite in the sunshine listening to the wind chimes. I think that may be the deeper lesson learned here.

It’s awesome to be the Girl on Fire getting things done. But I also need to make more regular time to unplug and sit in the sun.

To just BE.


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