JGID Day 12

Dear me – let’s be real here, I am only sitting down to write because I made a commitment to a daily journal. But frankly this cold/flu that came barreling in on you 48 hours ago has sapped all your potential energy towards looking inward.

However, in between bouts of feeling awful and needing to shut down, a few things did pop up that should be noted. First of all, it has been lovely to sit outside in the middle of the day to thaw out in the warm sun during some of the bone chilling parts of fighting off the fever. It was also fascinating to note how much I started sweating – back inside the house – while also still shivering. And that broke the fever. So I have been still trying to remain mindful (even though that meant focusing on some pretty awful moments of pain and pressure) and pay attention to the things my body was experiencing as it has battled off this virus. Things are now moving down to the chest with a cough – yay? I guess….since that is usually the last stage.

Mental note – Gatorade and chlorisepctic lozenges are the bomb.

Meanwhile it was pretty interesting today to get a message from the credit union that you were randomly selected to have one debit charge paid back to you – this was a contest? benefit? that you had no idea about! It is limited to being under $100, but given that I am pretty sure I caught this bug on Saturday when I took my friend out to lunch for her birthday, I find it quite telling that it was that $25.87 charge that was given back to me. Kind of a small apology from the universe maybe? And in the exact form I need – more money! Let’s just say I won’t be ignoring that.

The other thing that was interesting was a conversation in another facebook group about money. Started by someone else, it revealed to me just how many of my peers out there are in my same boat. And? We all feel guilty! The back and forth on the topic was cathartic and also, quite practical. I’ve saved this link: Snowballing debt payoffs and as soon as I have full brain function again, I am going to go through some calculations. Because that will ensure that after the mortgages are refinanced, I have a plan in place for how NOT to get back into this boat again.

Heh – I keep saying I wont write much, yet always spill out a few hundred words!

Hey, it’s important to note the parts of your day when you feel gratitude, even when you spent most of it miserably sick.


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