JGID #10 – Finding focus

Dear me – Boy this Writing Down Your Soul book is really riveting isn’t it? I keep bouncing between not putting the book down (in a virtual sense, since it is the kindle version) or stopping so that I can take copious notes on the list of really really excellent questions for me to keep asking you. (Where you = the inner Voice as the book calls it). I feel like I would love to take a deep dive into this and explore what comes up.


With every set of questions, no matter what the angle is, my first response without a moments hesitation keeps coming back to abundance and money. And suddenly I have a headache and a scratchy throat and I am feeling overwhelmed with so many thoughts and questions swirling around.

When what I know, what WE know, that I need to do right now is focus. There is a need beyond my own for me to be utterly absorbed in only one thing: abundance. So I hear you and I am dropping all those other interesting questions and just sticking to the one that matters RIGHT NOW.

Diane in JGID mentioned today about approaching the topic NOT from a point of scarcity, but only from abundance. Absolutely!

I do believe completely that I absolutely have abundance around me. I earn enough income for sure – the issue is more about HOW I use it. Listening to Hay House radio today during work there was a segment on exactly this topic – a couple who made plenty of money, yet always seemed to be living on the edge. DING! The question was posed: “Do you have a resistance to being wealthy?”
Hmmmm…now that’s a question worth answering…do I have a resistance to being wealthy? Yes, I do though I had not recognized that before. Certainly when I talk about feeling the need to cut someone down to what I perceive to be MY level, that anyone with more money than me is a target. I’ve been vocally disdainful and rather obviously envious of the families around me with more money. That started in high school for sure. I know I have unjustifiably projected negative qualities on the wealthier members of my community over the decades. So there’s an example when my tendency to pass judgment and to resist abundance crossed paths. Interesting.

Therefore we are going to shift our thinking:
“When I have more, I can give more.”

My refinance WILL get done this month.

Nick WILL find a job this month.

My parents will be getting an extra $500/mo beginning in March.

I value everyone equally.

And – most importantly the message you have sent me today loud and clear:

“The less I seek my source for some definitive, the closer I am to fine.”

Baby steps – with laser focus 🙂


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