JGID Day 8

Dear me,

It’s funny how after we stop talking I think of another 10 things to say! Maybe this journal writing thing has some merits eh? I finished reading You Can Heal Your Life yesterday. The last part of it is all on the connection between the psyche and physical ailments. As with any of these self help/metaphysical tomes, there are things which resonate and things that just don’t. However, one of the ones that DID ring too too true was surrounding neck pain:
Neck = need to be more flexible and see all sides of life without judgment.
DING! Oh boy can we please just own that one right there? You know that is probably THE biggest undesirable habit you have that is creating the largest block to being 100% open and accepting of every possibility the universe brings you. You have a lightning quick tendency to pass judgment and express disdain towards people – to the point of being outright dismissive. That habit is at the root of just about every time that you end up saying something to someone that makes YOU cringe inside. Anytime you beat yourself up (which is, honestly, not all that often because we are quite lucky there not to have THAT habit indiscriminately) it will be over having been too judgmental about someone or something.
The affirmation in the book to combat this is here:
“It is with flexibility and east that I see all sides of an issue. There are endless ways of doing and seeing things.”
I like that, but I read something else this morning which hit the nail on the head more directly – this is from a write up done about the UNC basketball coach Dean Smith who passed away yesterday – he had a long history of standing up for civil rights issues on the basketball court and off. He said his father told him growing up that he should “Value everyone equally.”

I LOVE that one.

“Value everyone equally.”

Because you know that you haven’t always. That the tendency to judge is to help you feel superior. Because then if you feel you have a leg up on someone, if you can find some part of them to critique, THEN you feel safe in talking to them. You’ve always been easily intimidated by people obviously smarter and/or more verbally quit witted. Hello, high school angst, right? Because you grew up in such a different environment, there was always some terribly low hanging fruit easy for others to use to pick on you.

Huh, we just lost interest in reliving that history didn’t we? You know why? Because it isn’t relevant. Whatever people picked on back then we now know are the unique situations and environments that provided the strengths of character we have today. Except for this one thing that we are not so thrilled to still be carrying around! What matters is that we have recognized that we need to make a change in that area.

“Value everyone equally.”

Yes, I can do that. Chipping away at resistance, one habit at a time!

And hey, if it actually does relieve my sometimes chronic neck pain, then BONUS!!!

My refinance WILL be approved this month.

Nick WILL get a job this month.

My parents WILL get $500 more per month beginning in March.

I value everyone equally.


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