JGID Day 6

Dear Me,

I get it now. We need to talk about belief in higher power before we go anywhere because THAT is at the heart of a lot of your resistance. So here goes – I don’t believe in God. There it is. When I’ve told a couple of other friends they were shocked. One was visibly appalled. So, of course, I don’t voice this all that much.However, I am not an atheist. I do believe there is more to this planet and universe than just US. I am not quite so self centered to think that humans are the highest consciousness there is.I believe there is a lot more out there. To me, specifically, it is a higher form of energy/vibration/intelligence. I do not believe it takes a single form or identity. It is fluid, and constantly changing. What I don’t like much at all is organized religion of ANY kind. Because they ALL rely on some form of monotheism. What sets me off the most? When someone says “Oh, if it is God’s will, so be it.” I say: GAH!!!!!!!!!!! You can imagine just how much I cringe when a sports figure thanks God & Jesus for letting them win. ARGH!

No. Never. Whatever is out there is NOT sitting on your shoulder minute by minute pulling your strings like some mindless puppet. You do not get to relinquish all responsibility for your life by simply laying it at the feet of this God you worship.

You have free will. You make your destiny. Sometimes you fuck that up. And when you do, you know who gets you back on your feet? YOU DO! I believe that your strongest source of belief needs to be in YOU.

Now, that is not to say that You/I am an island. You surround yourself with a community of support and love that, if you are wise, you stay connected to and ask for help/advice when needed. AND, you support THEM. So, first on the human level I believe in ME, I love ME and I approve of ME, and then I extend that love and empathy and nurturing to my community.

Then there is that higher source of energy. It is always there buzzing around us and again, if you open your heart and mind, you can tap into it. It is the source of intuition and inspiration. THAT is what you tap into as you meditate, visualize or affirm the things you need. It is NOT one all knowing gender based human type being. It is not ONE *thing*.

However, I get that humans as a whole like to have it easier than that. We want to be able to lean on ONE person, look to ONE direction. We want  to refer to one to assign credit/blame to anything we cannot clearly understand. I get that.

What *I* need to do is let go of the resistance I feel when someone ELSE talks about God. I need to release that as totally OK – know that for me it really Universal Energy and not feel like the use of the word God is someone a challenge to my beliefs.

LOL – I am laughing now because one of my friends once spoke about how she tried to stop being mad whenever her fitness minded friends would post about their running exploits. As she put it “I had to tell myself that you guys are not running AT me as some kind of personal attack!” Well, of course we aren’t! Heck, we frankly aren’t thinking about anyone else at all when we run – at least I don’t! I run for me! Ok, and a little bit for my doctor to keep her from trying to throw prescriptions at me 🙂

So what I need to remember (are you getting his Dear Me?) is that people are not throwing God AT me! It isn’t an attack or a challenge or threat to what I believe or con’t believe. It is just them, expressing what THEY feel. And it is good.

Live, and let live. I release that resistance and am open to different ways of thinking and ACCEPTING what is possible no matter how it is labeled.

Got it.

So, shall we say this out loud together now?

My refiance WILL be approved this month.

Nick WILL get a job this month.

My parents WILL get $500 more per month beginning in March.


One comment

  1. Robin · February 6, 2015

    I experience that kind of resistance too. I like your running comparison. It puts it all into perspective. 🙂

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