JGID Day 5

Dear me (hah, that made me giggle – sounds like “Oh dear me!”) yeah, still working on how to do this….a couple of books in my wish list on Amazon including one on how to journal from your soul which looks amazing…I was riveted just by the sneak peak I took. But, I must remain disciplined and not spend anything over what I’m allowing myself before the 15th – not even a less than $10 e-book! I just know that if I allow myself to buy it, then the floodgates of tiny purchases will open and I will be without money for gas next weekend (or something much more necessary to life than a book).

Did you see what happened though while you were reading that little bit of the book? The author spoke of how she would write in her journal that she needed money – how she would be quite specific about exactly how much she needed. And how that money would appear within 2-3 days. You were scoffing at it weren’t you? Especially that bit about an old client calling up to say “you owe me an invoice!” and then the other one about how magically all of her monthly bills were somehow 1/3-1/2 less then any other month (utilities, phone, c/c etc). That doesn’t happen! Or does it? Maybe she’s not as on top of money as you and really DID overpay them in prior months. Maybe her old customer really DID audit their books and realize they had never been invoiced or paid for that job. It can happen! Hey, you had a windfall of money when your best friend’s father died a few years ago! Do you remember what you had been thinking right before that? How if you JUST could get this EXACT amount of cash it would ease your worries? Yeah, well it happened didn’t it? Just in the last few days you honed in on a specific affirmation: “My refinance will be approved this month.” What happened last night? One of the two lenders you have been waiting on called you. It’s not DONE, but there is at least something happening rather than being in limbo. So why are you resistant (there’s that word again) to believing in the universe providing what you need one way or the other? YOU are generous to a fault (literally, how many times have you strained the budget to support someone’s cause?) so why shouldn’t the universe be generous back to you when you are in need? You deserve it and you do know that. So, accept it. With a smile and a deeply sincere “Thank you very much. I really needed that.”

Oh look, we talked about this on the group call tonight 🙂 Accept it!!

Today I feel gratitude for the JGID group reminding me what I have known from the start – everything I need is already within me and within my grasp.

My refi WILL be approved this month

Nick WILL get a job this month

My parents WILL get $500 more per month beginning in March.


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