JGID Day 3

Much more clear minded today!

🙂 – I *really* enjoy giving advice/guidance or just generally being able to answer people’s questions at work or just in everyday life. Kellee asked a few days ago if any of us hesitated to speak our minds and I was like “oh hell no!” If anything, I need to keep in mind to temper my desire to drop knowledge 🙂 I certainly need to be mindful of HOW I deliver it. But my belief system has always been that if I have learned a lesson, why not share and help someone else NOT make a similar mistake, or help someone take an easier path to what they need? I also get really frustrated when I don’t know the answer to something. Now, I will tell you – “Hey, I don’t know.” because it drives me batty when folks leave me hanging. But even when I don’t know, then I try to find a resource for you to use to get closer to your answer. I figure, you held me in enough regard/respect to *think* I had an answer, then I best try to find something other than just “I’m sorry, I don’t know.” Long winded way of saying, I’ve had 3 questions recently as a result of the new business venture. I had the answer to one for sure and the other two I had to do some redirecting, but still it felt good to help out. Yeah, even for free (since these were just info inquiries). You never know when one of those turns into a paying client!

🙂 Another pat on the back today when I realized that I *didn’t* take something personally. An email that last year might have made the hairs on my neck stand on end and sucked me into a back and forth that would be unproductive just rolled right past my eyes. It wasn’t even until after some time passed before I recognized what had happened. Thank you Headspace for helping me roll away those stinky insecurities making each day a little bit easier!

GoF = I really love the mid-week night runs with Marcus. I have two guaranteed nights when I see him, if there was any reason for either of us to be uptight from our day at work, since we go running as soon as he arrives, that is dissolved in no time flat. The run is fun – I love challenging him to keep up with me – not in short bursts, but for longer stretches and we always end up feeling good. Then when we do sit down to eat and talk we are both in such a good place that the communication is great. Tonight especially when I needed to bounce some of those financial/family stressors from the weekend off of him. Ideas were hatched. Now to make them happen!

AND – I picked the dance steps I will do! And, I practiced them and did them cleanly at least once. Mind you without actual tap shoes but still 🙂

So on Day 3 I want to thank the Universe for the abundances I felt today. For the burning of insecurities now gone, for the recognition of things that make me smile, and for the wonderful partner who has been in my life for over 15 years now and still made me grin ear to ear and my heart skip a beat as he sprinted with me tonight.


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