JGID Day 2

I remembered back to my high school days after I had finished reading the Power of Positive Thinking for Young People. I latched onto P.O.P.T. as my doodle but I also remembered that I specifically repeated a sentence positively affirming that a certain cute boy would ask me to the winter formal. And, he did!

So, I figured that today I should go ahead at just affirm, and declare what the specific item I need to jump start some abundance flowing multi-generation-ally in the family:

“My refinance will be approved this month”

So it is written, so it is said many times a day, so it WILL happen.

*Yes, all paperwork has been submitted to lenders as well as specific market research done – everything I control in the process has been completed. (just so there’s no misunderstanding that I am wishing at trees and not actually doing anything!)

:-/ that turned into 🙂 – not feeling 100% clear headed. Morning challenge brought on by a shift in the routine since I wasn’t going straight into work due to a doctor appointment. Thrown off a bit, I was running behind and then encountered traffic and then made several unwise decisions trying to go around it. So I was mildly worked up when I got there, but managed to settle it down. Got in to work and decided there would be no big decisions made today – just stick with what I know – my month end tasks should have all my focus anyway – and repeat the mantra as opportunity permits. That worked.
The key there was recognizing where I was mentally and knowing it was a day to “coast” on the bigger things so as not to make any unwise decisions on a grander scale than just avoiding traffic!

=: apprehensive at first to tackle updating my budget, but I did it and was relieved to see it wasn’t AS bad as I feared, though it still isn’t GOOD. More determined than ever to STICK to the NO SPENDING plan.

🙂 30 minute tap warm up and going through video training on basic steps. Some I remember, some I don’t and ALL will take lots of practice to do anything faster than a basic 8 count (and even that is hard!). Need to really work on being light on my toes so I can shift weight quickly. Calves, ankles, hips really feel the movements.

On this day 2 of Focus, Abundance and Discovery I am grateful for the skills I’ve already developed:

  1. Ability to assess where I am and what I am capable of (or not) – In other words. I know when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em!
  2. Getting into the best shape ever which is going to make this tap dancing endeavor a *little* less difficult because at least I don’t have to overcome stiff muscles or reduced aerobic capacity. I can Shuffle Ball Change for 10 minutes if needed to get it right!
  3. Having fun with little things such as smiling & laughing with the parking lot attendant at the doctors office who thanked me for thanking him! Actually he thanked me for *everything*! Such a hoot!

All pillars intact – budget updated & no unplanned spur of the moment purchases made. Winner!


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