Week , Journal 2

In your journal, continue your sentence practice with noun and verb phrases. Write at least one of each of the noun phrases discussed in the unit (prepositional phrase, absolute phrase, and appositive phrase) and at least two of each of the verb phrases (infinitive phrase and participial phrase). You will, therefore, write at least seven sentences for this journal activity. As in the first assignment, underline the phrase in each sentence and consider its function in both as a modifier and an aspect of your writing style.

My brain was finally able to unwind at the end of the yoga class.

Pinpoint lights drifting across the ceiling, the atmosphere was calm and quiet as we practiced slow, measure breathing.

He converted his garage, a detached 2-car style, into a combination yoga and music studio.

I joined the yoga class to gain more flexibility in my muscles and ease the tension in my shoulders.

To sleep more deeply, I turn on a fan in my room and read for at least 20 minutes before I turn out the lights.

Feeling refreshed from a nap, she stayed out dancing until after midnight.

Bombarded with email requests, he forgot about his appointment.


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