Writing Assignment, Unit 3. Complete the scene description.

Drawing from your observation notes and sentences from Journal Writing Assignments 1 and 2, write a description of the scene you have observed. Use action verbs and active voice in your sentences. Also, keep your verbs in the same tense and maintain correct subject-verb agreement. Your description should consist of 8 or more sentences.


Followed the Assignment:

  • 0 points: Student does not describe a scene.
  • 3 points: Student describes a scene.

Number of Sentences:

  • 0 points: Description contains less than 5 sentences.
  • 2 points: Description contains between 5 and 7 sentences.
  • 4 points: Description contains 8 or more sentences.

Action Verbs:

  • 0 points: Three (3) or more verbs are not action verbs and three (3) or fewer action verbs.
  • 2 points: Four (4) of the verbs are action verbs.
  • 3 points: Five (5) or more verbs are action verbs.

Active Voice:

  • 0 points: Three (3) or more of the sentences are not in active voice.
  • 2 Points: Four (4) sentences are in active voice.
  • 3 Points: Five (5) or more sentences are in active voice.

Consistent Verb Tense:

  • 0 points: Verb tense shifts three or more times.
  • 2 points: Verb tense shifts one (1) or two (2) times.
  • 3 points: Verb tense is consistent.

Subject – Verb Agreement:

  • 0 points: Description contains three or more subject-verb agreement errors.
  • 2 points: Description contains one or two subject-verb agreement errors.
  • 4 points: Description contains no subject-verb agreement errors.
Curt holds the elevator door open and lets Tiffany, Chelsea and Brian walk out ahead of him. As they chat with other and walk towards their desks, the maintenance worker is up on his step ladder changing a light in the ceiling. Laughter bursts out as the group reacts to a story Curt just told from his weekend activities, and then the maintenance worker’s cell phone buzzes loudly. He folders up his ladder rather hurriedly making a clattering sound and rushes out to another office. Lisa hums to herself softly as she listens to music on her ipod while making a fresh pot of coffee for her group. Ingrid is talking on her desk phone reserving a room to use later in the day for a birthday celebration for Tiffany. There are balloons and streamers decorating Tiffany’s desk, and she lets out a little squeal of delight when she sees them. Meanwhile, no one notices Cathy who has been seated at her desk, reading an office memo quietly, oblivious to all the activity around her.


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