Unit 3, Module 2 Writing Activity

In your journal, continue your observation list of the scene you observed for Unit 3, Journal Assignment 1 by noting several vivid action verbs. Revise some of your sentences using action verbs and/or write 2-3 new sentences with action verbs. Try not to use any of the forms of “to be” (is, are, was, etc.).  Underline the action verbs in your sentences.

I’ll focus on the scene with more potential for writing a longer narrative – the office:
Of course, I had already used action verbs! But, I can revise them anyway.

  1. He rushes back to his office as his cell phone buzzes.
  2. Laughter bursts out as the co-workers tell stories from the weekend.
  3. She reads quietly at her desk despite all the noise around her.

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