Black Headed Grosbeak – New backyard visitor!

A bit of a lucky break yesterday afternoon – while sitting for a quick snack as I waited for my son to finish homework before we went out for the evening, I happened to look up and see a brand new visitor to the backyard feeder:

Focus on the larger bird on the platform vs the white crowned sparrow on the gravel. It’s a female black headed grosbeak. You can see how much bigger she is than the resident sparrows and clearly see her yellow-orange shadings on her breast and head. Here is a better photo of one that I found on the web:

I only had my Iphone near me and I did the best I could leaning across the table and pulling the zoom as much as it will go to snap the photos. Thankfully she was there long enough for me to at least get that, but of course Amber noticed MY interest in the yard and ambled over to check it out and promptly scared it (damn cats!)

Still – a very cool new siting. And yes, the white crowned sparrows are still dominating the yard. Their song is all I hear most of the time. I feel like this is later into the Spring than we usually see them in these quantities, but I could be wrong.

Also – hey – hi – I didn’t forget this space, we just haven’t been terribly focused on hiking or bird watching for awhile. I think this will always be a rather random site for updates!