More pictures of Sharpie

He came back for a second round of portraits. He is quite photogenic and not easily spooked. This time Nick, Amber & I were all right up against the window watching him and he didn’t care.

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Sharp Shinned Hawk in the yard!

My favorite birds of all time have always been birds of prey. American Kestrel, Osprey, Peregrine Falcon, Golden Eagle..the list goes on. If it feasts on meat, I am fascinated! One of my hopes when I put up the feeder was that the flocks of sparrows & especially doves would attracted a bird eating hawk or two. I’ve caught brief glimpses of what I thought was a Sharpie or maybe a Coopers in the yard over the past year. But, they would either just fly through, or land on the fence only long enough for one of the cats to leap at the window and scare it away. Today though, SUCCESS! The hawk landed in the yard while the cats were in their deep daytime sleep cycle – settled well away from the backyard window. I heard a bird just chirping away in alarm and since THAT call was unusual, I went to investigate and thankfully I spied the source of the smaller bird’s alarm in time to not frighten it away myself.

Juvenile Sharp Shinned Hawk resting in my yard

For a better perspective of size in relation to the yard, I pulled back a bit. Sharpie was quite content there and didn’t seem disturbed or able to detect me behind the french door. It even stretched out so that I could see the complete set of streaks under it’s wings & super long tail.

Feeder is abandoned - wonder why? Humminbirds hovered near, but didn't divebomb.

After about 5 minutes Sharpie flew up just above to a pine tree in the yard next door where I could get a better view of how long his tail is. It also provided him the classic hawks eye view of the yard just in case an unaware dove decided to come to the feeder.

Unfortunately for both Sharpie and me, no lunch presented itself & eventually he flew off.

Next time 🙂