Slow winter in birding & hiking

Mini Daffodils in bloom

Thanks to a very wet December, and then a fairly busy January, I’ve been unable to do any birding or hiking. The highlight of my backyard has the daffodils above which I posted on my main blog a couple of weeks ago. Bird activity has been slower than last year at this time. Same cast of characters so far with House Finches & Sparrows, White Crowned & the very occasional Song Sparrow too. There have not been as many of the latter two and they have not been as vocal with their beautiful songs as they were last year. At least, not so far. Mourning Doves have been abundant and are still the biggest teasers of the cats 🙂 They’ve grown so accustomed a dozen or so finches & sparrows on the feeder that they simply ignore them, or maybe watch with a bored expression (is that ALL?) But as soon as a dove lands in the yard, I know because I hear the chittering begin. We’ve also had flocks of Bushtits flitter through, a quick flash of yellow from an Orange Crowned Warbler or two.I’ve heard some Butterbutts (Yellow Rumped Warblers) and the Anna’s Hummingbirds still hang out in the bottlebrush tree behind my yard.A Black Phoebe hangs out at the top of the peach tree branches now & then. However, no woodpeckers or orioles or wrens yet.

Also must admit to being disappointed that my yard has not seen much hawk activity! Given the preponderance of doves (a favorite meal for a Sharp Shinned or Red Shouldered Hawk), and that I did see them twice alight on the back fence – still no evidence that they’ve enjoyed a meal here. Bummer!

As far as hiking – well, with The Boy playing freshman baseball since football ended, Saturday mornings have been blocked off for his games. My workout group has been having Sunday sessions since the new year so I’ve not been able to find a good time slot for heading back out on the trails.

Yet 🙂