Birding at work

I’ve not had the time to pull off a full hike on the trails this month, however, I think it is consistent for me to mention some of the birds I’ve seen at my work site. After all, it is directly across the street from the southern entrance to the reserve 🙂 As such, other than the shore birds, almost every other bird I see on the trails can be found there. The property spans several acres behind the two large office buildings. The back area consists of east facing canyons dropping into the southern end of Sorrento Valley and the edge of the Penasquitos lagoon waterway. Behind the southern building is a beautifully landscaped garden/lawn/pool & tennis court area and beyond that is a helipad! Since the company does not actually own a helicopter, that pad has become a place for people to take a nice outdoor break. A bench was put out there and I love to walk down the hill and sit there for a few minutes to remind myself (given my windowless, underground basement cubicle) that there is life outside! As a birder, it’s glorious. The lushly landscaped part of the campus provides a great oasis for the native birds. Plus, being surrounded as we are by so much natural landscape, the birds are there in abundance. I cannot step outside without immediately hearing some bird call that gets my attention. Just this week one of this little beauties dropped right onto the ground into a planter next to my car as I was pulling out to head home:

Dark Eyed (Oregon) Junco

Regular visitors to the property (though I have not yet seen any this year) and also to the reserve & even my neighborhood some times are these colorful aerialists:

Western Bluebird

Then there was the time that my birder personality overtook my professional identity and while I was talking to my supervisor who has an office upstairs with floor to ceiling windows that overlook the back scrub oak hillside, I saw a flash of red. That’s not a common color to see in the area. Yellow, always. Blue (as seen above & also with the pretty common Scrub Jay), yes. But red? Oh, I had to break concentration and focus on that! And I’m was glad I did as I was able to identify a new Life Bird for me and watch it flit amongst the branches for several minutes. My supervisor even got into it since it was such a lovely flash of color:

Painted Redstart

(none of these are my photos as I obviously cannot walk around at work with a camera ready to snap my feathered friends)

It’s probably a darn good thing I don’t have a window office. I’m afraid I would get NOTHING done except on rainy days!


One comment

  1. Robin · June 28, 2010

    Even rainy days bring the birds, at least here in the Bogs. The hummingbirds LOVE to play in the rain and some of the other birds enjoy bathing in puddles.

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